The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s favourite tourist destinations among local and international holidaymakers. With its superb beaches, outstanding restaurants, a wealth of brilliant attractions including a number of theme parks, and one of Australia’s most famous casinos, it isn’t difficult to see why it’s as popular as it is.

If you are planning to visit the Gold Coast in the near future you will find yourself overwhelmed with accommodation options, including holiday homes. Hotels may be more abundant and therefore offer you a greater choice of locations, but there are many advantages to staying in a luxurious holiday home like Casa Grande over a hotel. Here are a few to consider.

  • Holiday homes offer greater privacy

When you stay at a hotel or resort you are sharing every space, with the exception of your room, with the other guests. When you stay in a holiday home, however, every inch of the building and its grounds is exclusively yours for the duration of your stay.

This offers you and your companions greater privacy, makes your time there more homely, though no less exciting, and that makes for an overall more enjoyable stay.

  • Everyone can stay together

Holidaying as a large family or group can prove problematic in that it can be difficult to arrange accommodation together, for instance, rooms on the same floor or even in the same hotel.

As luxury holiday homes are big enough to accommodate large families and groups, they are perfect for families holidaying together or groups of friends getting together for a reunion. Whatever the occasion, holiday homes are by far the best choice for people who want to stay together and spend more time with each other.

  • More flexible dining options

The Gold Coast boasts an abundance of world-class dining options so you will definitely want to dine out regularly. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to dine privately and that’s something that you will be able to do in heavenly tropical surroundings should you choose to stay in a holiday home on your Gold Coast holiday.

Holiday homes offer more flexible dining options, from barbecues by the pool under the sunny blue skies that Queensland is renowned for, to sophisticated indoor or outdoor dining with catering provided by world-class Gold Coast restaurants. And so, you’ll find you have more dining options to choose from should you stay in a luxurious holiday home on the Broadbeach waterfront.

  • More space and greater freedom

As they are substantially larger than hotel rooms, holiday homes offer you and your companions more space and therefore greater freedom to do what you want when you want – and in private surroundings, unlike a hotel or resort where you share the ‘communal areas’ with the other guests.

If you are looking for a slice of luxury on the Gold Coast, look no further than Casa Grande in central Broadbeach Waters. A five star resort style property with a location that’s nothing shy of supreme, it’s the ultimate Gold Coast waterfront holiday home.